In July 2012, Tzuyu performed at the “2012 Muse Dance Book Session” in Taiwan and a JYPE Talent squad had saw her video clip performance online. The JYPE Talent Squad then went directly to Muse to watch Tzuyu practice. After watching her practice, The talent squad approached Tzuyu and she called her Mom saying that a South Korean Agency expressed interest in recruiting her and would like discuss. On the same day, JYPE personnel assisted Tzuyu in recording an unrehearsed and improvised audition tape. The tape was then sent to JYPE to be reviewed and further discussed. After half a month later, she was contracted by JYPE personnel and was invited to become a JYP trainee. Tzuyu went to Korea in December 2012 and start her trainee days. (info TzuyuTaiwan)


In 2015, JYP together with MNET formed a reality girl group survival show. Tzuyu was one of the contestant. In Episode 1,  The contestants are introduced and divided into two groups: Majors and Minors. This first group division is decided purely by JYP’s A&R team, not Park Jin Young. The Majors are the members currently on track to debut in the new girl group and will be treated like true JYP stars, including living in a nice dorm, riding in a van, receiving pointers from current JYP stars, and practicing from 9 am to 9 pm. The Minors are to live like trainees in a dirty dorm and are disadvantaged by a 9 pm to 9 am practice time. The members of the Major and Minor groups will change as the contestants complete missions and show their skills. Once divided, Park Jin-young issued the girls the First Mission “Are you a STAR?” which challenged them to prove that they had star potential. Contestants could freely choose what they wanted to show, but JYP wanted to “see their ability to become a star or be able to feel that [they] are meant to be a star.” During this mission, Tzuyu was one of the minor and she danced and sing to mei ren ji by jolin tsai


Based on the performances seen in Episode one, Tzuyu still remained in the Minor Team. Fortunately, No one was eliminated based on the First Mission. The girls’ next mission was “Album Jacket Cover,” which challenged them to focus and produce high-quality photos in less-than-ideal conditions. Majors were allowed to shop for designers clothes for the photo shoot and decided on a dark, yet youthful vampire concept, while Minors, which is Tzuyu’s Team, were sent to a street market and designed a fresh concept inspired by Wonder Girls. The results of the photo shoot exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the girls, revealing the natural charms of some and the struggles of others


After this mission, JYP was hesitant to put Tzuyu in the major team but the other judges believed that Tzuyu did well in the shoot. The third mission, 1:1 Battle, Nayeon from the Minor team picked Tzuyu as her competition. Tzuyu sang Sway by Pussy Cat dolls and was praised by the judges by how natural she is. Despite of the good comments, Nayeon was the one who won making Tzuyu returned to the minors.


The contestants’ next mission is to be a group challenge between minor and major teams. The teams are divided into Major A , Major B, Minor A and Minor B .Tzuyu was in Minor B with Minyoung, Dahyun, Sana. There were problems that occurred during practice since two of the member didn’t appear. The trainer scolded them and said they could’t perform that unless they wanted to lose. The two girls apologized and were forgiven, Thus resulting to a stronger team work.


The girls prepare for their group battles, choosing performance outfits and rehearsing. The competition stage is held before a live studio audience, whose votes will determine the winners of each battle. Minor B’s performance of “Problem” by Ariana Grande were against Major A. Based on audience votes, Tzuyu’s team got 203 which moved them up to the Major Lineup.


The Major lineup is asked by JYP to dance with him in an upcoming performance. While practicing with them, JYP gives the girls many tips about the dance and how to be successful dancers and performers. After the performance, the girls are taken to “Variety Camp,” where the girls get a lesson in variety show charms from MCs Shin Bong-sun and Huh Kyung-hwan. After completing Variety Camp, JYP gathers the girls together and announces that the mission will be member elections, where they will cast private votes on the Major and Minor line-ups. Tzuyu remained her spot in the major team.


The girls are once again divided into four teams for their next mission, “Create Your Own Live Showcase.” The teams will prepare a performance as well as be responsible for promoting the show. Tzuyu teams up with Nayeon and Jungyeon in Major B and chose to perform miss A’s “Hush”


Before the show starts, attendees will place the ball in the correct group’s bin to show which team did the best job promoting the show. The team that gets most of their balls back will be safe in the Major line up. Tzuyu, Nayeon and Jungyeon went to Nayeon’s old school to promote the concert and handed out colored balls. When the performance was over, JYP states that their team’s performance stood out to him the most, calling their performance an A+.


Despite, Having an A+ from JYP, the viewers didn’t chose Tzuyu’s team which moved her back to the Minor team. JYP announces that the girls’ last mission will be to become a real girl group onstage. He divides them into two group of six, but due to Minor lacking in numbers, they are given the advantage of choosing someone from the other team to perform with them. JYP then gives the girls their new songs for the final mission’s first round, explaining that teams were assigned songs that they would normally be bad at -“Truth” was chosen for Tzuyu’s team. He then reveals “Do It Again”, which both groups will be performing in the final round and serves as a representation of Twice’s musical direction. While preparing for the final mission, Major and Minor team are visited and mentored by miss A’s Fei and 2PM’s Jun. K respectively. After the performances, the girls receive praises from JYP, who chooses their as having given the better performance for the round.


The girls prepare for the final showcase, where the Major and Minor teams will perform “Say It Again” back to back. Tzuyu was eliminated on the last round BUT JYP throws in a twist, announcing that Twice will be a nine-member group. Despite of being in the minor team on their last mission, JYP chooses her from the viewer’s point of view to be part of the group along with Momo who is already eliminated in the 4th Mission.


After 3 months of waiting, Tzuyu then debuted along with Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun and Chaeyoung as a TWICE member on October 20, 2015 with their first track, Like Ooh Ahh.