TWICE’s Tzuyu goes viral in Japan after photos emerge of unique hairstyle


TWICE‘s Tzuyu is so visually stunning that photos of her just can’t seem to stop going viral. 

Despite having just made her debut under JYP Entertainment in late 2015, Tzuyu has quickly become one of the top visuals in K-Pop. In fact, she’s already been compared to the industry’s top beauties such as EXID‘s Hani and AOA‘s Seolhyun, and even performed a collaboration stage with the two on several occasions.

Because of her stunning looks, Tzuyu has also gone viral on several different occasions, with internet netizens around the world sharing photos purely because of Tzuyu’s beauty. Back in September, Tzuyu even was even featured on western media sites such as 9GAG and Buzzfeed for her viral arrow GIF.

This time, Tzuyu has gone viral in Japan after a Japanese Twitter user shared three photos of her. Noting her beauty despite only being a second-year high school student, the post has been shared over 15,000 times and gained over 60,000 likes in only 3 days.

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160418 Twice’s Tzuyu secretly attends Hanlim Arts High School for the 1st time


TWICE Tzuyu went to school for the first time today – Tzuyu secretly going to the school back door 


[+1284, -92] i feel like she didn’t get accepted to Hanlim Arts, JYP made her acceptance to Hanlim School

[+1005, -46] Don’t follow her to school. Whether you’re a press or a fan

[+795, -34] What kind of student goes “I’m going to school!” while going to school? This title is pathetic

[+681, -21] Just let her go to school ;; why do you have to write up an article just because she goes to school. and this isn’t secret

[+478, -30] This journalist seems like an anti

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TWICE’s Tzuyu to Attend High School in Korea Earlier Than Expected


Contrary to her original plans, TWICE‘s Tzuyu will be able to attend high school in Korea this year.

The idol graduated from middle school in Taiwan back in March by passing her junior high certification exam. At the time, the enrolling period for entering high school in 2016 had already passed in Korea, so she originally was unable to enroll for 2016.

However, due to an amendment that was passed last year, another road for 2016 enrollment has opened. High schools within Seoul will carry out additional screenings for enrollment, and Tzuyu is able to benefit from this opportunity.

According to the new standard, certain high schools, such as specialized, vocational, and autonomous private high schools may hold additional application periods if there is a vacancy, allowing for Tzuyu to enroll this year.

JYP Entertainment states, “She planned on enrolling next year, but after confirming the related law, Tzuyu is currently preparing for enrollment in May.”

Tzuyu is also preparing for TWICE’s upcoming comeback at the same time. The group will also be remaking veteran singer Park Ji Yoon‘s “Precious Love,” which was released 18 years ago, in November 1998. It was a b-side track in the singer’s second full-length album, “Blue Angel,” and talks about the preciousness of a love remembered post-break up. At the time, it was hugely popular, and to this day, is still loved as one of Park Ji Yoon’s signature songs.

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Tzuyu GED exam test results!


TWICE’s Tzuyu passed the GED exam from her Junior High School, expected to continue her study in Korea on 2017. Taiwan’s education ministry website has revealed in aleast, with the minister pointing out that Tzuyu’s language results we’re above 80 marks and English was close to full marks. The essay theme was <The most unforgettable moment > using her personal experience of missing Tainan food, and the essay was written quite smoothly

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It seems her acting paid off as TWICE’s Tzuyu will be making a special cameo on the finale of Descendants of the Sun!

Previosly, Tzuyu showed off her acting chops on ‘TWICE Private Life‘as Tzuyu, Jungyeon, Chaeyoung,and Dahyun each took the role of one of the four main characters.Some of the best scenes were perfectly relived by the girls. Fans had shed some tears and also laugh when watching their impressive parody. Chaeyoung and Dahyun parodied the heart aching scene between Yoon Myung Joo and Seo Dae Young, while Tzuyu and Jungyeon portrayed the main love story between Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon

On April 1st, The Director stated, “We have high hopes for Tzuyu.We feel that Miss Chou’s innocence and purity fit the role well.”Although firm details are not in place as of yet, Everyone on the set is already looking forward in working with TWICE’s Tzuyu.

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TWICE Reportedly Preparing to Stage Spring Comeback


Rookie girl group TWICE is reportedly getting set to make their first comeback soon!

According to several sources in the industry, the hit nine-member group is currently working hard on their next album. It’s said that they will be putting out their next release at the end of April, or at the latest in mid-May.

After being formed through the Mnet survival show “Sixteen,” TWICE debuted in October of 2015 with the mini album “The Story Begins” and their title track “Like OOH-AHH.” They are currently starring in their own reality show, entitled “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life,” which airs every Tuesday on Mnet.

Are you excited to hear more from TWICE?

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What are Tzuyu’s academic plans after the qualification exam?


According to CT news, after the qualification exam in Taiwan, Tzuyu stated, “I solved all the problems, and I think I did well on the exam.” She then elaborated on her future academic plans, “I am going to try to finish my high school and college education in Korea.”

Lastly, Tzuyu shared a word of thanks as she added, “I was able to overcome my struggles with the encouragement of my friends, family, and teachers. I will work hard! I love you.”

Tzuyu is soon going to be an idol high school student. Good luck Tzuyu!

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Tzuyu’s autographed school desk becomes a national treasure


Recently TWICE’s Tzuyu took her qualification exam in Taiwan. After the exam, the star left a special mark on her desk as she autographed it with the message that says “It’s TWICE’s Tzuyu. Shuanhua Elementary school, fighting!

The school’s principal then claimed that he would find a way to display the special gift. As a result, the desk is currently sacredly displayed behind red lines as people line up to fantasize the special gift.

The school is about to turn into a museum as people all over Taiwan desire to go observe the autograph. Tzuyu’s autographed desk is turning into a national treasure!


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Tzuyu to Finish Education in Korea + Naver Comments


TWICE’s Tzuyu revealed her plans to finish her education in Korea

According to taiwanese newspaper, Tzuyu completed her graduation exams on the 20th. The newspaper called the principal of the middle school, and the principal said, “She solved all the problens, I think she did well”

In future efforts to work hard to finish her high school and college education in Korea, she said she will be able to go through the hardships with the support of her Family, Friends and Teachers.


I wish Tzuyu can be happy now

Twice hwaiting.. I’m supporting you

She’s pretty

Tzuyu is so pretty~~ ^^ 

Super pretty boss Tzuyu.. I’ll always support you..

Tzuyu you worked hard.. hwaiting! 

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