We’re making TzuyuUpdates a better and more organize fanclub! And to make that happen, We are in search for new members to join our family!

Do you have the interest to spread the love of Taiwanese Stunning Maknae of Twice?

Willing to spare time to do fan club-related activities?

Have the commitment to sacrifice a significant amount of effort to offer voluntary help for the fan club?

and most of all;

Love and support Chou Tzuyu 

If your answers are all yes then fill up the form below and send in your applications to now with the subject “APPLICATION:<POSITION APPLYING FOR>”. Application forms to be posted as comments here will not be counted.

Please wait patiently, we will review and respond to your applications as soon as possible. Thank you!

NOTE : You MUST be committed to your work. Think before you apply. If you apply, you are making a commitment to us here on Tzuyu Updates. We need serious, dedicated people that apply. That means we want people to apply that have enough time to help us out– no statements of ”I will be busy soon and or during this time x and that time x)

Below are the requirements for the hiring of staff members. Do note that we will be giving you a task to see if you make the cut after we have received your application. 


  • Active on Twitter
  • Must update on Twitter Daily
  • Goes online regularly for at least 4-5 hours  a day and is available when needed
  • Willing to spare time uploading tons of photos, videos, etc.
  • Can make Screencaps
  • Sociable and always willing to learn from fellow staff members.

Translator (2)

  • Must be fluent in Chinese/Korean/Japanese without consulting online translating services like Google Translate or Bing Translator. Must be fluent in English as well.
  • Goes online regularly for at least 3-4hours a day and is available when needed.
  • Must be initiative to work on your own to translate updates and news.



E-mail the following to

Subject: [APPLICATION] (Position applying for)                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Example:  [APPLICATION] Twitter



Country & Timezone:

How often do you go online?

Experience/s: (Are you part of other fansites as well?)

Active SNS / instant messenger accounts:

NOTE:  For Graphic Designer, SAMPLE WORKS are required. Attach your sample works in the email. And For Translator, Please tell us ‘how fluent are you in Korean/Chinese/Japanese’. 

For more inquiries, Simply mention us on Twitter, @Tzuyuupdates