Hello ONCE!

This is Admin pat aka cacia, The founder of Tzuyu Updates. As you may all know, I decided to look for more admins to join my team in hopes of giving you the latest updates about Tzuyu and Twice in the fastest way Tzuyu Updates can. I found a couple of people who were willing to help. There’s Kimmy (@TzuJisoo), who likes to posts MEMEs and random facts/videos/photos about Tzuyu. There’s also our Chinese Translator, @michinorabang and my co-founder (@givenchyoda).

But Unfortunately, There’s also the untrustworthy ones. SO NOW……


Yep, You read it right. The hacker changed our username to ThugTwice, or also known as TwiceEvilUpdates. So If you’re wondering why you’re following such said account, well.. that was us.


but why not just reset the password? can’t you changed it through email? Oh trust me, I tried every possible way we cant think of but the hacker also changed the e-mail address. But dont cha worry,


We’re still going to provide updates about  Tzuyu and Twice, We’re just going back to square one. Our username is still TzuyuUpdates. Hope you can still show love and support to our account ❤ I’ sincerely apologize for this.


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