An investigation has begun regarding if Tzuyu’s apology was forced or voluntary

Earlier this month, some people accused JYP Entertainment of forcing TWICE‘s Tzuyu to publicly apologize through a video. Although the agency immediately denied such accusations, it appears that not everyone believes it.

The National Human Rights Commission is reported to have started an investigation on Tzuyu’s public apology.

The National Human Rights Commission’s side told CBS No Cut News on January 27, “We have received the petition from the The Korean Multicultural Center, and began an investigation last week.”

On January 21, The Korean Multicultural Center sent in their petition asking if Tzuyu’s apology video was forced, and to reveal their suspicions. The issue is said to be either that she was forced to apologize on video, or even if it was voluntary, the fact that the Taiwanese member Tzuyu had to apologize is racial discrimination.

The Korean Multicultural Center’s representative Kim Sung Hwi stated, “You can say that the National Human Rights Commission’s investigation began because we brought awareness of the issue. It’s been said that Tzuyu’s parents agreed for her to apologize, so we will contact Tzuyu’s parents and confirm this.”

The rep added, “If she did so voluntarily, then this isn’t a subject for investigation. We were reluctant [to take on this case] because it would be difficult if Tzuyu did not answer to the investigation.”

The rep ended with, “We saw the entry titled ‘In the case of receiving discrimination because of your country of origin should be a subject of investigation’ on the National Human Rights Commission’s homepage. Objectively, we discussed that it corresponds to the racial discrimination. After that, we began our investigation.”

Credits: Allkpop


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