MNET Twitter Update with TWICE

This is the gentle flower bed, the beauties who saved the heaven have come to M Countdown today. M countdown is the only place where you can see twice’s special stage! It doesn’t make sense if you miss it right?


Momominamomosana… is this the place where once you’ve learned about them, you can’t ever leave them hell? Even just looking at them gives natural LASIK vision twice Global Zone! Watch M Countdown to receive free natural lasik vision!


Getting beauty upgrades everyday Jihyo and TWICE’s V Fairy Dahyun! Refreshing and lustful sisters’ M Countdown special stage! A su~~rprising performance has been prepared.. we’re very nervous!


Today we’re planning to have a hotgirlshotboys party at M Countdown. For the people who will party with us, you can’t miss #M Countdown at 6 #BambamAreYouWatchingEvenIfYouRegretItNowItstoolate


Finally all five of them meet. Just by looking at them you know they’re hot. You’re curious on which variation they will use to get you guys, right? We wont take 500 won (roughly 50 cents) #youcantmissMcountdown at 6! #TWICE #Letsgoonforevertogether

Credits: MnetMcountdown



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