160105 Twice Twitter and IG Update!


[ANNONCEMENT] 0107 through a voting system, we are going to schedule some participants who participated in the pre-recorded M Countdown show to attend the polaroid event! Please have a lot of participation ^^ #Unpoblishespolaroidpicturesprepaired #foronce


[ANNONCEMENT] Twice’s first mini album <THE STORY BEGINS> Please make the speacial red (9 different kinds) and pink (18 different kinds) photocards you collected before available by posting it on the SPECIAL EVENT message for the board! For more info please check the fans page


While waiting for 10 oclock, let’s all watch today’s broadcast of Tzuyu’s CF [LG+U] Enviously superior, Dual Phone Y6_Tzuyu phone version


Wait for 10’oclock with an excited heart, challenge given! Please watch Golden Bell TWICE. Celebrating the consolation match, TWICE’s like ooh ahh 


During the broadcast of Women’s Day ^^ TWICE and Children Choir

Credits: TWICE




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