VIXX N reveals TWICE is a hot topic among male idols these days + popularity up!


VIXX recently revealed their favorite girl groups.

On a show broadcasted on the 30th, Ken was asked “Which female idols are the most popular amongst Boy Group?” He answered, “EXID is very popular and GFriend is cute as well.”

N then said, “Twice is really popular these days and there’s a lot of talk about them. Twice is the most popular topic amongst conversations. I head a lot of Twice around me.” Ken also added that He’s friend also like TWICE.

[+2198, -83] I was surprised after hearing of the hidden competition among girl group that debuted around the same time with similar concept

[+2095, -199] They debuted later on in the year amongst rookie girl group but Twice is still the best

[+1382, -222] One in a million Twice. I love them so much

[+1067, -187] Twice is the best~
[+1059, -210] Twice is the best! Goddesses unite!
[+244, -14] I have a lot of interest to Twice! All of my attention goes to them
Credits: As tagged
Trans: Tzuyumyoui

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