2NE1’s Dara Posted A Photo with Twice on IG


어렸을때부터 팬이었다던 귀여운 #트와이스 후배님들 😂 이렇게 1차 충격 2차 충격을 받았지만 기분은 좋았어요~ 세월이 많이 흘렀잖아요~!!! 이런건 당연한일인거에요 ㅋㅋㅋ 후배님들도 앞으로 좋은음악 많이 들려주면서 무럭무럭 자라길 바랄게요!!! 트와이스 & 러블리즈 화이팅!!! 😀
Twice Junior who has been a fan of me since they were young! I was twice shocked but it felt good~ A lot of time has passed by!!! In the future I also hope that these juniors will give us a lot of good music as they grow fast!! Fighting to both Lovelyz and Twice!!!
Credits: Dara’s Instagram
Trans: WeloveDara👊👊👊

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