(3) Taiwanese Article about Tzuyu being ranked as number 13 in 100 most beautiful faces of 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 2.20.40 PM

16 Year old Taiwanese Girl, Tzuyu, got scouted by JYP when she was 14. She went to Korea to take her part in a survival program. After two months of tight competition, she finally debuted in October with Twice. Being called the “Next Goddess” by Korean media outlets, She’s currently nominated in 100 Beautiful Face of 2015. She’s also the only Taiwanese being nominated. A lot of netizens said that she really is Taiwan’s Pride. When the result were released on the 27th, It is revealed the Tzuyu is being ranked as #13 at her first entry to the chart. When Tzuyu’s ranking is being announced, The Taiwan National Flag is being showed at the top right of the video. Netizens exclaimed happily saying that they’re touched! Tzuyu got nominated within 20 days of debut and got 13th at the 69 day of debut. Netizens commented that she’s too strong.



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